Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Washington Post censored me-- by william fosdick

I tried top praise Kathleenm Parkers's comumn on calling off pit bull pailyn. I somehow lost the exact message because I copied this web address over the content I had copied.

Essentially I gave the details of Paily's Clearwater appearance that resulted in "Kill him, kill him" chant and her arousing people to verbally abuse the press with one telling an African American soundman to yell Sit Down, Boy."

I thought her coded remarks were to put down Obama as a black and thqat she wanted something like a lynch mob atmpsphere. Then I connected all this to the code in her remarks about Dr. Jeremiah Wright and community organizers.

From there I diiscussed the relationship of right-wing populism to racism.

I praised the major media for puzzling ov er Palin's repeated lies about entitlements and the Bridge to Nowhere, and then suggested it look into other lies:

1. She wrongly said she did not use religion in the first race for mayor
2. She promised employees they could keep jobs then fired a number of them
3. She wanted to censor the library and then denied that was the case.
4. Her many shifts on Troopergate suggests she could be bending the truth

Then I suggested the press look into her cozy relationship with the Alaska Independence Party. She was not a member but there is a photo of her reading one of their documents and evidence of other ties are ample. These people are secessionists and tied to all sorts of unsavory elements in the lower 48.

She has brought up Rev. Wright. We need to know more about her religion. Three of her churches are clearly Domionist, being connected to the New Apostolic Reformation. They oppose the separation of church and state and work for a theocracy in America. They are also fiercely Anti-Catholic.

Would her belief in the nearness of End Times lead her to do anything to promote conflict in the Middle East?

So far the press has given her a pass on most of this. I fear she grew up in a very closed, cramped environment that encourages all sorts of prejudices and ignorance.
I keep thinking about the Keynan witchhunder praying over her. These people believe demons power individuals, states, and some churches. Would our religious liberty erode under her.


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