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The Franklin Trust Sex Ring

There is considerable evidence that the Reagan-Bush CIA operated a sex ring to entrap important people and reward its own operatives. In the Eighties, Larry King of North Omaha was considered one of the Republican Party’s fastest rising stars. An African American, he sang at two Republican conventions. He ran a credit union that was raided by the Feds in 1988. As much as $40 million of the missing money was connected to the Iran-Contra scandal, probably laundered drug money from Latin America. It seems that boys and girls were being used for sex and as drug couriers for King and others. They were also telling how they had sex with this or that famous businessman or politician. The list included the publisher of the state’s largest newspaper, a police chief, and a man who became a mayor and Congressman and was later appointed by the second Bush to head a commission studying Social security reform.

Former Republican Nebraska State Senator John De Camp, who was in office 16 years, knew King and was sure the stories were lies and was ready to refute them. Then he was contacted by a prisoner, John Bonacci, who convinced who convinced him they were true. De Camp got him out of jail, and ten years later won a million dollar settlement for him from King in a court of law. Before this, however, a grand jury investigated the matter, was aware of the complaints of 80 children, and refused to hand down indictments. The Nebraska legislative committee and the staffers who worked on this found the accusers very credible, but this reader of the evidence wonder s if some of the horrible acts attributed to the perpetrators exceeded what human being could do.

Bonacci had kept an exact diary, and forensic experts tested the ink entries to be sure they were made over a long period of time. He eventually testified in court that he helped kidnap a twelve year old boy, Johnny Goesch. Bonacci wrote about being taken to Bohemian Grove, a 2700 acre encampment outside Sacramento that belongs to the Bohemian Club, an all male organization that seems attached to reenacting ancient Druidic rituals. Alex Jones infiltrated the grounds in 2000 and filmed some Luciferian rituals going back to ancient Babylon. Members are expected to worshbip a large stone owl, the Great Owl of Bohemia. Jones claims Governor George W. Bush was there along with some security personnel. There is more than amply evidence of repeated enactment of these rituals, but it is hard to believe that anyone could take them seriously. They must be a strange form of amusement and a way of registering contempt for conventional norms. Very eminent people give lectures around a campfire to many men deep in their cups. Nudity is common. There is a pronounced homosexual subculture, particularly among employees, but it is not part of scheduled events.

Jones found nothing sinister there. There are numerous fenced-in areas, so if unusual conduct occurred in one area it is likely most of the two thousand campers would know nothing about it. According to several self-proclaimed victims, it was the remote places where that several boys were used in some sort of ritual, and one caged boy was very badly abused, finally dying after being beaten and raped by an adult. Later, the two remaining boys were taken to a house where a film of what happened was shown and they were passed around like playthings. Bonacci said Hunter Thompson directed the filming. There is no way of knowing what Thompson was doing there .Perhaps he was observing the ways of the rich and powerful? Other abductees said Hunter Thompson did “snuff” films, and Rusty Nelson, Kings photographer, testified to this in court. The diary recounted being paid for sex with men King knew at various places.

King had also found a way to get some boys out of Boys Town. The former head of Boys Town, Monsignor Robert Hupp, retained De Camp in order to get some help in cleaning up a mess there. King gave money to the institution and provided internships for boys. He also almost controlled the Boys and Girls Clubs of Omaha. A court threw out the case against the archdiocese and Boys Town. .

. Bonasci was afflicted with multiple personalities but the psychiatrists told De Camp the boy was not lying. De Camp finally decided to represent the boy, and his best friend, onetime CIA Director William Colby, told him he should write a book about it for his own safety. The investigation of Bonacci’s claims led the police to find and seal hundreds of sex videotapes that were found in Larry King’s office. There were some convictions. Among them was an editor of the Omaha World Herald.

De Camp was a former State Senator and got his colleagues to investigate. Gary Cardon, the chief investigator, called Senator Loren Schmidt from Chicago saying, “I’ve got them, I’ve got them.” The investigator’s private plane crashed shortly after leaving Chicago. Federal investigators swarmed the crash site, and none of his papers or his briefcase were officially retrieved Cardoni and his young son were both killed.

De Camp eventually found one Larry “Rusty” Nelson, King’s photographer, in prison. De Camp sprung him. Nelson became a key witness in a major case that netted one victim a million dollars. He also represented an Alicia Owen, a little girl who stuck by her guns even as other children who were witnessed disappeared. Her first attorney was creditably accused of giving privileged information to the FBI. That agency would work overtime to discredit the victims. She got 15 years for perjury for naming prominent politicians. She is still in prison and holds the record in Nebraska for time sent in solitary confinement. In her trial, the prosecutor acted as though there was noone named Rusty Nelson. De Camp got a second trial for her after Troy Boner, who had given information to Gary Cardon, swore out an affidavit confirming her statements. However, in the second trial he took the Fifth Amendment, privately telling De Camp it was that or be killed in prison. Boner had claimed that his brother, whose suicide he doubted, was a victim.

In 1993, Yorkshire Television sent a crew to the United States to film “Conspiracy of Silence” about De camp’s claims. They were thorough and even paid for extensive polygraph tests for one witness. The program was extensively advertised to be shown on the Discovery Channel on May 3, 1994. At the last minute someone bought the production rights and it was not shown.

On September 11, 1996, James Harold James , head of the Pennsylvania legislature’s black caucus, held a news conference in Philadelphia. He demanded an investigation of the drug trade, noted that the Iran-Contra investigation showed that the CIA was bringing drugs into the country, and said he wanted to know of George H.W. Bush involved. His name would be raised repeatedly from the beginning by child victims. John De Camp thought James was onto something because of the many ties between Bush and King and the multiple witnesses who placed George H.W. Bush at King’s sex parties. James Flanery of the Omaha World Herald had reported that King was heavily involved in running guns to Nicaragua; he was subsequently taken off the story and assigned out of Nebraska for a year. King’s public relations firm was used by the contras and he was a heavy contributor to one of their groups.

King boasted about his relationship with his hero, Bill Casey of the CIA. Pronto, Spain’s largest weekly, reported there was reason to believe that the child ex ring was tied to the CIA. Steve Bowman, an Omaha businessman researching the Franklin theft and sex scandal, claims he has believable witnesses who associate George H.W. Bush with the child sex ring. On the other hand, Bush could well have attended parties without knowing of the sexual activities. An Australian newsletter Inside News produced documents relating to the 1985, the Nebraska Department of Social Services investigation of stories told by Eunice (Lisa) Washington and her sister Tracey. They repeatedly ran away from their foster parents and told about the King sex ring They also said George H.W. Bush attended two of King’s sex parties. King took them to parties via his private jet. Lisa claimed she first met Bush at a Republican convention, and she also told of going to a party in Washington where the guests had guards wearing She added that King sometimes got boys from Boys Town. In October, 1984, she saw Bush at a Chicago party, and he left with a 19 year-old boy named Brent. A check of the papers showed he was there campaigning. In 1986 charges against the Webbs were dismissed. Tbe Webb foster children said they had been abused by GOP delegates at the Southfork Ranch in 1884 and also somewhere in Louisiana.

King was associated with lobbyist Craig Spence in helping the Nicaraguan Contras, and Bonacci told De Camp that the lobbyist once took a group of people, including two teenage prostitutes, on a midnight tour of the White House on July 4, 1988. King and Spence appear to have been partners in the sex trade and had two operations named “Dream Boys” and “ Man to Man.” Those operations were owned by an umbrella outfit called “Bodies by God.”. These CIA supported sex operations were expansion of the agency’s Vietnam era operation, designed to entrap members of Congress. It was run by two CIA agents and a CIA contractor who was a big time lobbyist. They brought boys into the Distinct of Columbia through Roy Cohn sex operations in New York City.

Two hundred prominent people were alleged to have used Spence and King’s services, but few of them were damaged by the disclosure. Secretary of Labor Elizabeth Dole’s chief of staff was forced to resign due to the disclosure. The CIA claimed two of the boys worked for the KGB, but it looked more like a CIA blackmail operation. Later, the Washington Times reported that Donald Gregg, an aid to Bush arranged tours for Spence’s people .Spence seemed to have great influence, entertained lavishly, and was said to spend $20,000 a month employing various kinds of prostitutes. It was claimed that the CIA helped him photograph prominent people and members of agencies in compromising situations. After the Washington Times exposed the sex righ, Spence lost influence and seemed to have no funds. He told friends he feared “Casey’s boys” were after him. He was soon found dead in a Boston hotel room. Barbara Bush expressed pleasure that the Washington Post did not touch the story.” Spence was particularly close to a prominent federal attorney, whose career was in no way damaged by the intimate association.

There were also more conventional sex-for-votes operations available to Republican Congressmen and Senators. In the mid-1980s, Ed Rollins, a Reagan White House operative, succeeded in covering up a small operation that provided two dozen Republican Congressmen with sexual favors. Only Tom Evans of Delaware got caught and lost his seat. He foolishly confessed to his wife. This was a straight-forward operation run by a lobbyist, and there were no CIA ties. In 2006, another sex for Republican votes sex operation was exposed. This time, most the congressmen seemed to come from the Defense Appropriations subcommittee of the Military Affairs Committee. Again, only conventional adult sex was involved. It is unclear whether the CIA was involved. Porter Goss , director of the CIA, and his number three man, Dusty Foggio, attended the parties to gamble but were not involved with the prostitutes. One of the defense and intelligence contractors paying the bills was almost certainly working for the CIA in the 1980s.

De Camp relied upon psychiatrists to assure him that Bonacci was not lying to him and that over 80% of people with multiple personalities have been sexually abused as children .De Camp believed that Bonacci had been trained by drugging, sexual degradation, and torture in order to create multiple personalities who would carry out various tasks such as spying, torturing, killing, and even committing suicide. . The abuses would have been part of mind control experiments, which some have called the Monarch Project. William Colby assured him that the CIA never talked about a project by that name, but that it had to do some work in that area simply to be sure that there was no danger that someone a President of the United States met could be reading his mind. Paul claimed he was often taken to Offut Air Force Base, where he was abused. This is the center of the Strategic Air Command, and there are many intelligence people there. Lt. Colonel Michael Aquino, an allegedly retired Army officer, supervised these psychological operations. The Concerned Parents group in Nebraska said they had two witnesses who said King used to send limousines to the base to pick up boys, allegedly for parties. In the September 7, 1988 issue of the Omaha Metropolitan, There were more CIA people working out of Offitt than out of Langley, Virginia. Many psychological operations were located there, seemingly affirming claims that the children were subjects of experiments. One experimental program, acknowledge by the CIA, is MIK-ULTRA, in which children are confused and manipulated via drugs and sex.

Bonacco reported sometimes traveling with a gangster-like character called “Emilo” on various missions. On one occasion, they kidnapped a Des Moines a 12 year old newspaper boy named Johnny Gosch on September 5, 1982. . The boy’s mother, Noreen, had heard of two little girls abducted and placed in a sex ring and demanded that the police explore this possibility, but the local chief insisted Johnny was a runaway. In her book Why Johnny Can’t Come Home (2000), Noreen Gosch said that about six months after the boy disappeared, George Paul Bishop showed up, claiming to be a federal agent concerned with child abductions. He stayed in touch with her for some time and disappeared in 1985. Perhaps he was trying to help, and perhaps he was monitoring what she was learning. Bishop was arrested in 2001 on charges he had a pornographic video showing a sixteen year old boy.
AT 2:30 AM one morning in 1997, Johnny showed up at Noreen Goesch’ss apartment. He was accompanied by another male who seemed to be deciding what Johnny could say to his mother. She recognized him in part by a birthmark. He told her not to pursue the matter and not to talk about the visit. She remained silent for two years.

In 2003, a journalist/male prostitute calling himself Jeff Gannon turned up as a frequent guest at the White House and was even given press credentials. Some thought he could be Johnny Gosch. This writer has investigated the claim and finds it doubtful. Soon after people started asking questions about Gannon and tying him to the sex trade, Hunter Thompson committed suicide and Rusty Baker was arrested. Baker had served time for having a van-full of pornographic pictures. His subsequent arrest was for not registering as a sex abuser in a county where he no longer lived. De Camp managed to obtain Baker’s release. The arrest was seen as a way of telling Baker to keep quiet. Thompson was working on a story about how explosives leveled the World Trade Center and worried that he would be suicided. In a 2004 interview, he said: ”The Bush administration is a heap of Nazi shit. Bullshit. Yeah, you can put it that way. I don't know what your audience is ready for.”

When he died on February 20, 2005, Thompson was on the telephone with his wife when he allegedly shot himself, but she said she heard a muffled sound.
Chicago writer Sherman Skolnick has reported that Thompson was doing a book on the politically connected sex trade, but he offered no evidence to support this . There is only mention of Thompson in De Camp’s book, but Thompson never challenged it in court. The only other evidence comes from the Alex Jones radio program. A Thompson acquaintance had this to say:

CALLER “Scott from Texas”: I was just wondering if you guys might be able to clear up something I heard through the journalist Sherman Skolnick. He is reporting that another story or book, I don’t remember exactly which, that Hunter S. Thompson was working on was about this gay prostitution ring in the White House and supposedly that was another touchy topic that he brought out, and the wholeJONES: Had you heard that from Hunter?
PAUL WILLAM ROBERTS: Yeah, I had heard that quite a lot from Hunter. It goes back to Kissinger, I believe.
Now that’s a big confirmation. Now for those who don’t know, We have Washington Times articles from 1989, you know—‘underage call boys in the White House’, and so this is serious . .. Hunter was working on that?
ROBERTS: Yeah, in fact Lyndon LaRouche published some stuff about that. And although, you know, a lot of his material was not that trustworthy, in this particular case there were a lot of sources cited and there was no lawsuit. And where there’s no lawsuit you can be almost guaranteed that it’s true.

Of course, no one can trust the La Rouche people even though they have produced some good material on the Middle East and the involvement of governments in the drug trade. Maybe some day mainstream investigative reporters will get into these taboo waters and sort out what is true.
A Plug for Sherm’s Book--- Sherm spent seven years writing an analytical chronicle of what the Republicans have been up to since the 1970s. It discusses elements in the Republican coalition, their ideologies, strategies, informational and financial resources, and election shenanigans. Abuses of power by the Reagan and G. W. Bush administration and the Republican Congresses are detailed. The New Republican Coalition : Its Rise and Impact, The Seventies to Present (Publish America) can be acquired by calling 301-695-1707. On line, go to


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De Camp, The Franklin Cover-Up, 100-105. It is very difficult to believe anyone among the participants could have believed in this nonsense. It must have been a a device to discredit testimony of victims.

If Kay Griggs can be believed, intelligence operatives joined the power brokers in cavorting at Bohemian Grove. Marine Colonel George Raymond Griggs, her former husband, told her about how he and other assassins went to Bohemian Gove to engage anal and oral sex and run naked in the woods. She also employed his diary as evidence and went public in 1996, before Skull and Bones and Bohemian Grove were public knowledge. She received death threats and had to seek sanctuary in the home of journalist Sarah McClendon. . He referred to the hit men as The Brotherhood or The Firm and thought they were linked together in a sort of secret ‘cap and gown” and skull and bones society. They took their inspiration from Skull and Bones at Yale and a similar secret society at Princeton. He talked about military hit squads, sexual slavery, weapons and drug sales, psychological conditioning, and involvement with prominent people such as Paul Wolfowitz, who was present in the 1970s when Grigg trained assassins in Indonesia. The colonel told her that he had been sexually molested by teachers and that many of the operatives shared this background.

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