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The Johnny Goech Mystery and Jeff Gannon

AT 2:30 AM one morning in 1997, Johnny showed up at Noreen Gosch’s apartment. The young man had been abducted in 1982. He was accompanied by another male who seemed to be deciding what Johnny could say to his mother. . She recognized him in part by a birthmark. He told her not to pursue the matter and not to talk about the visit. She remained silent for two years.

In 2003, a young man appeared in Washington, whom some thought was Johnny Gosch. At least the fellow had the same initials and was the right age. Jeff Gannon was the name used by James D. Guckert, a person who had a few web sites advertising himself as a $200 an hour male prostitute. In the sex industry, he was nicknamed “Bulldog.” In 2000, Sean Hannity was praising him as a “terrific” Tallon News Washington bureau chief. At that time, he was busy feeding to the press information discrediting documents Dan Rather and CBS News were using about George W. Bush’s service in the Texas Air Guard. The documents were forgeries, but Gannon and others were wrong in saying they had been produced by means of a computer word processing program. Colonel Bill Burkett, who gave copies of the documents to CBS, claimed a Hispanic woman discussed them via telephone and that they were delivered by an unidentified man. The woman asked Burkett to burn the originals, and he did so. Gannon was an experienced GOP political operative who helped do in Tom Daschle, and some speculate that he was working with two other experienced tricksters, Roger Stone and his Cuban wife.

In 2004, he was invited to the White House Christmas party, a sign of standing in Washington establishment .Many speculated that Jeff Gannon was really Johnny Gosch and noted that a Jeff Gannon was the Des Moines World Telegram editor who ridiculed the claim that Gannon was abducted. Noreen Gosh has said identifying Gannon has her son is “quite bizarre” but not impossible. It could be argued that if he were her son, she might fear that identifying him would endanger his life. It is known that Guckert graduated from Conneaut Lake High School 1975 and then West Chester University in 1980. Ted Gunderfson, a retired ranking FBI retiree said he had solid information from an unnamed source that Gannon was Gosch. Guckert was probably 48 years old while Gosch would have been 36. Still Ted Gunderson, former FBI agent-in-charge for Los Angeles insists that the CIA can change appearances and ages. Jim Rothstein, a retired New York City detective who has long specialized in child abductions, agrees with Gunderson.

Before Gannon had White House press credentials, he was attending White House briefings. Though he had no training in journalism, he was soon representing two tiny Right-wing news services and was to attend White House briefings for almost two years. He was known for giving the press secretary and the president softball questions. His questions often included false information about Democrats. He attended 155 of 196 press briefings over almost two years/ He was in the White House two dozen times when there was no briefing. Fourteen times he entered but did not check out, which led some to say he stayed overnight. Twice he entered without signing in March, 2003, before he was a journalist. He also bragged about having seen secret documents that revealed that Valerie Plame was a covert CIA operative. There was abundant evidence that male prostitute/journalist Jeff Gannon busily distributed information about her deep cover role. Yet only Skolnick had much to say about it. The Wall Street Journal made note of it but did not pursue the matter. It is claimed that some witnesses said George W. Bush gave Gannon the information on Plame.

Gannon also appeared to be linked to the main sex ring scandal of the George W. Bush years. It was called “Hookergate.” It operated in the Sheraton, Ritz Carlton and other hotels in Washington and catered to influential Republicans representatives and senators. . However, one Democratic senator may have been involved along with a few liberal journalists. Ranking federal officials, military brass, and media hosts also used the service. It was financed by two San Diego contractors, and, perhaps Jack Abramoff. Flocco added that the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee had a role in operating the sex ring. One reporter claims that Jeff Gannon, introduced one leading Republican journalist as well as a ranking British politician to these sex parties.

There was little connection to the Mark Foley scandal except that what seemed to be Abramoff money was channeled to one of the ex-page's families. Another investigative reporter claims that Foley and Jeff Gannon recruited important people, including a leading Republican columnist for the sex ring. The two contractors had the parties mainly for Republicans on the 15 Republicans from the House Appropriations Committee. High-ranking figures from the CIA also attended these parties and have since resigned.

Tom Flocco’s account of “Hookergate” differs from others in that writes that children were being used. However, there is no evidence that children were used the sex parties held by the two contractors. This must have been still another sex operation, financed by unknown parties. The Hilton was used because it had very secure areras to hide vehicles and move children--sometimes drugged--through hallways without the possibility of video surveillance. After employees became suspicious, the child sex operation was moved. All the evidence suggests these events occurred completely without the knowledge or consent of the hotel management. Some people who are incapable of mature sexual relationships prefer sex with children. But in other cases, it seems to be a mixture of sexual attraction and what has been called “libido dominandi.” People who are greatly attracted to accumulating power and wealth find sex with children particularly satisfying because it is easier to exercise complete power over children. To a degree it is a matter of “power tends to corrupt.”

There is an even more unusual aspect to the Jeff Gannon story involving his possession of remarkable martial arts and military skills and a possible background in intelligence work. But there is simply not enough evidence to pursue these hints.
All this is reminiscent of two sex rings in the 1980s that were mostly patronized by Republicans, intelligence people, and foreign dignitaries. The difference is that the sex rings in the 1980s received some mainstream press coverage. The recent scandal received no serious MSM attention.

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