Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The WTC & 9/11: Part Four

Steven E. Jones, a physicist at Brigham Young University, hypothesized that prepositioned thermite charges, used with barium nitrate, brought the buildings down. A thermite explosion generates temperatures around 2500 degrees and molten metal. It gives off white smoke with little odor. However, it burns slowly and does not go off in dramatic explosions. For that reason, those who think that some other explosive might have a point. There was visual evidence of molten iron falling from the eastern edge of the South Tower just before it went down. Three FEMA scientists, Jonathan Barnett, Ronald R. Biederman, and R. D. Sisson, Jr. , theorized that thermite, with sulfur and an eutectic alloy, would account for the ability to cut through steel so quickly. They were not encouraged to test their theory.

In April 2009, Scholars for Truth and Justice announced that studies had been made of fragments from the 9/11 debris that revealed that traces of thermite were present. The chief investigator was a Danish physicist. Red/gray bilayered chips were analyzed with x-ray energy dispersive spectroscopy (XEDS) and scanning electron microscope (SEM ). The report stated, that the red “ portion of these chips is found to be an unreacted thermitic material and highly energetic." The material was weapons grade, and it did not contain the required markers that would make it possible to trace it to its place of origin. The tested material came from four separate and unrelated samples taken after the explosions. All samples had thermite. The problem will be that these were not “official samples,” so questions can be raised about thains of custody, and there can be no perfect answers to these objections. A great deal of time will be spent picking away the four sources, but little or no time will be invested into examining who could have planted thermite in these buildings.

In 1999 and 2000, there were construction upgrades to the towers. In WT 1, 18 floors were upgraded and fireproofed, and in WT 2, 13 were upgraded. The width of these floors came out twice what was specified in the blueprints. Oddly, these were the first floors to collapse in both buildings, and this has led some to believe that explosives were inbedded in them.

Sherman Skolnick believed that a somewhat different explosive was used, but the new thermite finding may to eliminate his theory. He knew that the government has a new sub atomic explosive called “ blue lightening, ” but we do not know if it included thermite. Skolnick reported that it was used on retreating Iraqis in 1991, and he suspected it was used in the Oklahoma City bombing. He learned of this from Michael Riconosciuto, a known weapons expert and inventor. Riconosciuto helped develop it for Wackenhut Corporation. It is a electro-hydrodynamic gaseous fuel bomb that has an enormous blast. He claimed it was used to incinerate and blast away thousands of Iraqi troops in 1991. When it is used there is a residue of tritium. ( I know some are critical of Riconosciuto, but I’ve researched everything he man ever said, and found only a few comments on other things that could not be supported. He was a very, very odd genius.) But even without Riconoscuito, there was some evidence of this sub nuclear explosive.

Gasoline fires yield black smoke. On September 27, New York fire officials ordered 2000 gallons of Pyrocool FEF, a chemical that has two agents to fight ultraviolet radiation. Thermite gives off ultraviolet radiation. Some of the core columns showed sharp cuts, suggesting a thermite blast. Some other high energy explosive could have been used. Globules containing iron, aluminum, and sulfur were found. The iron and aluminum were to be expected, but the sulfur points to termite.

Albert Turri, Deputy Fire Chief for Public Safety told NBC on 9/11 that he believed that one of the towers war brought down by explosives. The Fire Department interviewed many of the firefighters who worked that tragic day and the interviews were released in 2005. There were many references to controlled demolition. In 2003, a fireman said he was present when FBI men found three of the four black boxes from the two planes, and another emergency worker confirmed this report. The official story is that all four transponders were never found.

Some believe that the three buildings came down as a result of controlled nuclear blasts. They make this suggestion because there has been a high incident of non-Hodgkin lymphoma among residents of the area around the site. This kind of cancer occurs around leaking nuclear reactors and where high energy releases have occurred. Some think it is a form of tritium or “Blue Lightning,” which was allegedly used on fleeing Iraqi troops in the First and Second Gulf War. It has a shorter half-life than plutonium.
Three blocks away, the Woolworth building developed a roof fire that day.

For some reason, FEMA forbade private photographers from taking pictures in southern Manhattan for several weeks after the blasts.

The Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory is located is located 25 miles north of the towers. They registered a slight seismic activity when the planes hit the buildings. When the South Tower collapsed in registered 2.1 seismic activity and 2.3 when the North Tower came down. Cell phones in the vicinity went dead briefly. These are characteristics of micronukes, which were about the size of coffee cans back in the 1960s. The South Tower went down first, and oddly there were some indications that the fires were beginning to go out on its upper floors.

One of the odd things about the WTC attacks was that the planes flew into computer rooms. We’re talking about rooms with large computers and things that looked like large batteries. . The plane that hit the North Tower honed in on the 95th and 96th floors. The 81st floor of the South Tower was hit. That was one of three floors leased by Fuji Bank. It was full of battery-like devices, same as the 95th floor of the other building. No one says the large battery -like things on the 81st floor were ever turned on. No one ever worked there. Some think they contained thermite, but there is no proof other than the color of smoke when the area exploded. It is believed that Blue Lightening used in the First gulf War on the Baghdad airport and on fleeing Iraqi troops.



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