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The Death of JFK: Was Oswald a Government Agent?

It is likely that Oswald was working for both the F.B.I. and C.I.A. There has been speculation that Lee Harvey Oswald had been trained by the Office of Naval Intelligence to become an agent in the Soviet Union. V ictor Marchetti said the ONI trained as many as 40 young men for this task. The operation was run out of Nag’s Head, North Carolina. Twice on the night of his arrest, Oswald tried to call a man named Hunt in the Nag’s Head vicinity, but the prison authorities did not let the calls go through. Oswald’s Marine medical record said he contracted gonorrhea “in the line of duty” and that it was not his fault. One explanation is that even back then he was working for ONI.

When Oswald was found, he had Sturgis’s telephone number under his real name, Fiorini. Sturgis, of course, was a C.I.A. asset. Oswald probably also knew White as both hung around the Interpen training camp for Cuban exiles maintained by Garry Hemming, a sometime C.I.A. contract agent and soldier of fortune. White shared a Havana jail cell with Hemming in 1960.

James Jesus Angleton ran a top secret false defectors program as a means of getting people into the Soviet Union. As head of Counter-Intelligence, Angleton also ran the super-secret Special Investigations Group in that the C.I.A. said it had no ties to Oswald , which had a 201 file on Oswald before the assassination. SIG dealt with enemy efforts to recruit government employees. There was no reason SIG should have had an interest in Oswald. When he “defected” a file should have been opened because he had knowledge of the U-2 areal surveillance program. No file was opened then. The file was opened a year later. Oswald was not debriefed when he returned from the Soviet Union. When the HSCA committee probed the reasons for having the file, Ray Rocca’s answer could be construed to mean that Oswals may have had some connection to the Directorate of Plans.

Joan Mellen has found an F.B.I. document that indicates that Lee Harvey Oswald was part of that program and that he communicated with the agency through Michael Jelisavcic at American Express. Otto Orepka, who investigated defectors at the State Department, found something odd in Oswald’s paperwork and put it aside in his security safe for further review. As a result of a nighttime burglary, the Oswald file vanished and Otepka was demoted, consigned to tedious paperwork. It is possible that Angleton was just interested in removing evidence about the false defector program. It is also known that the New Orleans C.I.A. office used Oswald as a courier. In 1981, Hunter Leake, former number two man there, told historian Michael Kurtz that he had paid Oswald for courier services and that Oswald came there in April because the agency planned to deploy him in unnamed operations. The agency got him a job at the Reily Coffee Co. and Oswald was worked out of Guy Banister’s office. Leake claimed that after the assassination Richard Helms ordered him to rent a trailer and haul all papers relating to Oswald to Langley, Virginia. We know that Oswald was in constant contact with C.I.A. people and agency assassins up to the time of the assassination.

A March 3, 1964 memo from John McCone to James J. Rowley proves that Oswald had been trained by ONI for service in the Soviet Union Oswald’s Marine Corps G-2 files remain classified as do some F.B.I. materials. It is likely that he was on the C.I.A. payroll while stationed at Atsugi. While there, he frequented the Blue Bird Cafe. It has been speculated that it had some connection to “Bluebird,” a C.I.A. mind control program that prepared assassins. There was a large C.I.A. operation there. Some Russian spies recruited by the Gehlen organization were trained here before they were parachuted into the Soviet Union. Former C.I.A. finance officer James Wilcott told the HSCA that Oswald was a C.I.A. asset while in Japan.

It is also clear that for some reason the C.I.A. suppressed records about Oswald’s visit to Mexico City and that the F.B.I. later learned of about this and went along. At the time, the C.I.A. knew that Oswald was supposed to have met with someone from the KGB there, but did not notify the F.B.I.. It was known for certain that someone impersonating Oswald called the soviet mission in Mexico City and that the photos of Oswald entering the embassy were not reliable. As late as January, 1964 C.I.A. Counterterrorism Chief James Angleton was using this discredited evidence to attempt to sell the Warren Commission on the idea that Oswald worked for the KGB. Yet, Angleton kept a pre-assassination file on Oswald and did not keep it in the counter-intelligence files. Rather he kent it in his super-secret, mole-hunting files, as part of his Special Investigations Group—Staff D. Not only did the C.I.A. track Oswald before the assassination, it lied to othere agencies about him.

. On March 28, 1878, the House Select Committee on Assassinations learned from former C.I.A. accountant that Lee Harvey Oswald was on the C.I.A. payroll. Hunter Leake, number two man in the C.I.A. station in New Orleans, told historian Michael Kurtz, that the station used Oswald as a courier. He told Kurtz that a trailer would have to be used to transport all the paperwork on Oswald’s involvement with the agency . Evidence developed later that Oswald was also an F.B.I. informer.
There is circumstantial evidence to suggest Oswald could have been operating under mind control. Jerry Leonard, a physicist, has argued on The Perfect Assassin: Lee Harvey Oswald, The C.I.A. and Mind Control (Author House, 2004) that Lee Harvey Oswald was under mind control when he played his role in the dreadful drama in Dallas on November 22, 1963. Some of his theory is based on a declassified C.I.A. document dating from a decade before the assassination which describe a mind-controlled defector killing an American official . Then someone kills the defector while the police were holding him. Operation Artichoke was mentioned. Leonard thinks Oswald’s bizarre, maybe bipolar, behavior consistent with that of someone who was unwittingly hypnotized.

ARTICHOKE certainly existed in the 1950s. There were rumors then that Oswald operated under some kind of mind control. Government research in that area had made great progress by 1963 and it would have been possible to program and control an actor at an assassination. The questions and answers in the Warren Commission clearings make this abundantly clear.

Harlan Jensen, a Wisconsin insurance and investment broker, has written Atsugi Assassins about his time in the Marines with Lee Harvey Oswald. He did not know until later that he had been subjected to Mind Control and believes the same was true of Oswald He claimed that Atsuqi was a C.I.A. mind control base and also the location for launching spy planes. He maintains that both he and Oswald were placed under mind control. Insisting he is not a “nut job,” Jensen said he simply wanted to clear Oswald’s name. They first met in a mess hall and later served together in a secret mission in the mountains of Taiwan.
He does not claim an exact memory, saying some memories were somehow remove ed. But he showed the book to others who served and said they support his account.
Once subjected to mind control, Jansen thinks it would have been much easier to do the same to Oswald again. When Oswald said he was a “patsy.” Jensen thinks Oswald sealed his own fate. Controllers would have thought that the man remembered more than he should have.

There is only circumstantial evidence to support the case. Oswald came from an unstable family environment. These are the places that best breed candidates for mind control. He knew agent David Ferrie since he jouned the Louisiana Civil Air Patrol in 1958. Ferrie and Oswald spent time together before November 22, 1963. Ferrie was a skilled hypnotist. At least one C.I.A. agent suspected Ferrie was hypnotizing Oswald. When Oswald was arrested, he had Ferrie’s current library card.
He might have been doing intelligence work for the Marines at age 18 when he was seen several times with a sleek Eurasian woman in the entertainment district of Tokyo. His medical files say he contracted a STD while on some sort of assignment. She was thought to be a prostitute and Russian spy.

Some theorize that Oswald’s stays in the brig were part of mind-control conditioning and that the strange death of his best friend on guard-duty was fortuitous in the sense that it set Oswald up for psychological manipulation. . At least it is an interesting theory-- Even back then, he seemed given to strange behavior, temporary physical break-downs and crying jags. Were these the signs of mental instability—invitations to psychological conditioning—or the results of the drugs he had been given. We can document that in 1962 he as making inquiries about the legality of openly using LSD. Others suggest that Ruby acted under hypnosis. He was seen with hypnotist Ferrie befoe the assassination; and hympnotist Billy Del Mar was performing in the Carousel at the time. Del Mar then disappeared and was not sought by the Warren Commission. Another odd piece of information about Oswald is that, upon his return from Russia, he spent some time in Grenich Village with a notorious right-winger named Stephen H. Landesberg, a native of Mississippi.

In April, 1963, Oswald met Volkmar Schmidt, who studied under Wilhelm Kuetemeyer , a professor of psychosomatic medicine. Schmidt and Oswald discussed shooting General Edwin Walker.

In 1976, the House Select Committee on Assassinations heard a taped comment by Michael Paine, whose wife had taken in the Oswalds, saying that Oswald shot Kennedy but he was not responsible.

Richard Case Nagell later told author Dick Russell that he thought that 'Hairy de Fairy' ( David Ferrie) probably hypnotized Oswald. In 1962, he went to work for the C.I.A. and was active in the Communist Party. In September of that year, Nagell was in Mexico City operating as a triple agent. Later, the KGB asked him to watch Oswald and his wife. He was also told to penetrate the Cuban exile community. He claimed to have recorded two of the Cubans manipulating Oswald, but the F.B.I. later seized what he said was the tape. An F.B.I. memorandum shows he met Oswald both in Texas and Mexico City. Nagell had foreknowledge of the plot, and claimed to have warned both the C.I.A. and F.B.I. When his warnings were ignored, and got himself arrested so he could expose the plot.


Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall said...

What gets me is that Oswald has always struck me as a loyal, honest, hardworking patriot intelligence agent. He didn't defraud anyone or embezzle any money - and to the best of my knowledge never told top secret information to the enemy (like a lot of them). And they rewarded him for his hard work by discarding him like a used kleenex. I know there are still honest, honorable people working for the CIA. Yet unless they are willing to rehabilitate Oswald's memory, I would have to support the call to have the agency disestablished. I write about my own close encounter with US intelligence in my recent memoir THE MOST REVOLUTIONARY ACT: MEMOIR OF AN AMERICAN REFUGEE.

Anonymous said...

Re: Oswald
When Lee Harvey Oswald was accepted for high security radar operation training in Japan,normal intelligence procedures would have had to be conducted by Naval intelligece.What would they be?Protect the codes.How would they protect the codes?They would first assume that Oswald would follow orders.Disinformation is a tactic used.Double agents have been used since World War 1 to identify traitors.Oswald if trained,and approached by an agent or person of interest,if asked,Oswald would either give out correct codes or false codes.Oswald wouldn't know the identity of person.The double agent could verify Oswald.In my view,Oswald could have had much more training that has been declassified.This a National Security issue and may never be revealed.We can only speculate on Oswald being an intelligence asset.To make all the pieces fit,if you believe in mind control and plotters,the Texas book depository would have to be the main clue to a plot.Oswald got that position by sheer chance.That doesn't mean no one knew that Oswald was an assassin.When he tried to shoot ex General Walker,he became known.When he got the shooter location,sources close to the Vice President who may been aware of an assassin, made him aware.Hours before before going on the parade route,Johnson and Kennedy were unaware of being filmed together at an event.When I saw that short film clip and saw the expression on Johnson's face,no Vice President what ever look at a standing President like that.He knew.Call it a moral crime or just that you know your political career will be saved and no jail time for corruption.Johnson's agenda and his supporters faced severe unintended consequences, in the years afterwords,he may have died a moral coward.Kennedy's legacy still stands strong today.....thoughts