Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Strange Crash of John F. Kennedy, Jr.

John F. Kennedy Jr. planned to announce his plans to run for U.S. Senator from New York or president on August 1, 1999. Young Kennedy had already employed a security firm to protect him. He was America’s Golden Boy in many ways, including being a compelling speaker. His plane was lost on Friday, July 16, 1999. His wife, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, and her sister, Laurin Bessette, died with him. He was flying into Martha’s Vineyard to drop off Laurin before going on to Hyannis. He had not flown over open water and had been hugging the coasts.

A few seconds after Kennedy identified himself to the Martha’s Vineyard airstrip at 9:39P.M., his plane descended in excess of 6,000 feet per minute. The UPI reported that just before the dive, he told the airport he was dropping off a passenger before going on to Hyannis. The report also said there was 8 miles visibility. The UPI first reported the 8 mile visibility and JFK Jr. calmly talking to the tower. Later the press was reported that Martha’s Vineyard was hammered with heavy fog. The weather reports that Kennedy Jr. used were not found. The F.B.I. report on the accident cannot be declassified until 7/22/29

The FAA rules are that if a plane does not land 5 minutes after it has contacted a tower, the search must begin immediately. Planes were not sent to search until 14 and a half hours had elapsed.

The National Transportation Safety Board quickly ruled that the crash was due to “pilot error” and speculated that he suffered’spatial disorientation.”The Pentagon took the lead in reporting that Kennedy had not used his radio before approaching. Witnesses said visibility was reasonably good, but the NTSB did not say there was 8 miles visibility. Its report quoted the Martha's Vineyard tower operator as saying the stars were out. According to him, visibility was 10 to 12 miles.

According to the media, the airstrip was blanketed with haze. Boston TN news reported that he used his radio; now the story was that he was lost. The official story added that he stalled his engine, but the tracks show the plane was going too fast for that. It was said that his instruments went out, but earlier reports were that the radar was getting good data from his altimeter. Some said his vacuum pump went out, but there was a back up vacuum pump which would have permitted him to still know where the horizon was. The plane also had autopilot and could have been kept on it for quite some time. It also had a black box, very rare for a private plane. The NTSB said its battery had been removed.

The report said the Emergency Locater Transmitter was turned off. This cannot happen by accident as there is a safety switch.The fuel valve was turned off. To do so at a high speed would kill the engine. It would have been suicide, or it was somehow disabled.

The flight log book was missing. The public was told told he was a bad pilot. Two, Andrew Goldman of the New York Observer and Cindy Adams of the New York Post checked out the story and suspected they had been lied to. The tale was also circulated that he had only 40 hours flying experience. The number was actually 400. Three flight instructors who had taught Kennedy said he was a very good pilot. The official story plus these other claims have been termed “classic media disinformation, if not outright lies.”

By following the mainstream press, we only learn that there were several serious problems with what came to be the accepted story of the accident. To go beyond that, we must consult sources that are sometimes reliable and sometimes miss the mark.

Sherman Skolnick reported that an explosive device was attached to the tail luggage compartment. At the end, the plane was front heavy because the tail was gone. He also reported that satellite images showed what could have been an explosion. He and Tom Flocco have a history of using dissident elements in the USD intelligence community and information from the French. However, Flocco accuracy rate is not as good as that of Slolnick. A problem with both is that they refuse to name their sources. Flocco printed the testimony of a former F.B.I. and Interpol agent B. Delbert: JFK Jr.’s plane broke in half just aft of the cabin. The damage was caused by a plastique (C 4) shape charge which was formed along the bottom of the fuselage and up along both sides of the walls. The charge was caused to be set off or exploded with a large spark generated by a barometric switch device triggered by the altitude of the plane. In other words, the assassins chose the altitude for the explosion of the plane a standard procedure to make the target’s murder look like an accident.

Wayne Madsen, using an unnamed law enforcement source, says the F.B.I. agents fanned out around the point of departure to see if anyone in the earea had purchased epoxy that day. The French magazine France Dimanche quoted someone who had watched Kennedy take off as saying he heard a strange sound eminating from the plane. It is theorized that someone could have attached a whistle that would emit a sound that could help someone on the ground zero in on the plane. There was odd boating activity in the area around Martha’s Vineyard Airport, and the boaters the bureau found were fishing for spriped bass in an area where they are not found.

Kennedy had published an Oliver Stone piece about the assassination of his father, and young Kennedy admitted that his father died as a result of a conspiracy. Thee could be little doubt he was interested in pursuing the matter. In 1998, a nutritionist Dr. True Ott gave a copy of the Gemstone Files to a representative of George Magazine. The files contained documentation on the murder of John F. Kennedy and ten collateral assassination needed to clean up details. John F. Kennedy Jr. Later called Ott and said he would publish information about the assassination and that he had paid private investigators to check out the Gemstone Files. Those papers placed George. H. Bush at the center of the assassination. They are essentially the notes of an investigator who hung around an intelligence safehouse/bar in San Francisco, listening to relaxed agents tell stories. It is unclear how much of the material represent what the bartender hears. A great deal of the information in these rambling notes could only bne known to intelligence people or students of the black bag operations. The overall interpretations are best ignored.

Ten witnesses said they saw Michael Harari and another Mossad agent standing next to Kennedy’s Cessna at the New Jersey airport. If Mossad were involved, it probably was as an agent for some element in power in the US. It has often been employed to do US dirty work. It is not to be assumed that Israel had anything against young Kennedy.

It was probably only coincidental that George W. Bush was near the New Jersey airport Kennedy used when John-John took.off. Bush disappeared three days before Kennedy’s death and his staff was never able to say where he was. He could have been off with a lover, but some invbestigators insist he disappeared to coordinate the hit on Kennedy.

Some might recall that Ted Kennedy escaped a potentially deadly plane crash in June, 1964. His plane had been sabotaged.

On July 9, 1999, three planes were accidentally vectored by FAA Chicago air control in Aurora into the path of Air Force Two, carrying Al Gore. The Secret Service was supposed to have people on duty in that air traffic control center, but none were there. The Chicago-Sun Times was the only paper to cover the event; it did not include it on its internet offering. On July 29, Admiral Engen, a top FAA official , died when his air glider disintegrated. The relavant weather radar reports could not be found.

We know that two weeks before the crash, John Jr. had a telephone conversation with a Dr. True Ott, who had provided George Magazine with a copy of a controversial manuscript called the Gemstone Papers, which included an account of who killed JFK. John Jr. had taken time with it and thought the account was valid. There is a substantial body of evidence that John was preparing to reopen the story of the assassination of his father. He was also tracking down more information on the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin.


Anonymous said...

Excellent effort Sherm. I was involved in the investigation. Yes, It was the mossad and yes John was going to go further with the Yitzhak Rabin story. The direction he was going with that was on the lines of your story on RFK - Yigal Amir and Sirhan Sirhan were manchurian candidates, drugged and hypnotized.
He also had info on Hinckley being subjected to the very same technique.

The "siamese twins" of CIA and mossad have mastered the technique - but it doesn't make the shooter a marksman.

You are also correct that John had some very incriminating evidence on GHW Bush and Meyer Lansky (who lost his Casinos in Cuba)regarding his father's death.

There were no explosives involved, nor was GW Bush involved directly in the operation. The plan was MKULTRA on a copilot Kennedy had invited along but he did not accept. Just like the Egyptair 990 copilot who crashed the plane after mossad drugged and hypnotized him at his hotel.

Plan "B" was to shoot him down with an EMP weapon and that is how it was done. This is identical to the RFK, JFK, Hinckley,and Yitzhak Rabin hits. A back-up shooter was in place, but it became the primary plan when the copilot (me) didn't accept the invitation. It worked - RIP.

Anonymous said...

Hello your redness. Good reading actually. Your only hope, for history, is overseas.

Anonymous said...


What non-aviation yutz's think was a "black box" was a a less than 6 OUNCE toy called a "clearance recorder" that might have held the last five minutes of any communications traffic on the NAVCOM transceiver. The "missing battery" was a stinking 9 volt that you can get at the 99 cent store. The device is a completely useless toy. It's only "rare" on General Aviation planes because it's worthless!

Again, NOT an airliner style black box.

Anonymous said...

Here is the manual for the voice recorder in Kennedy's plane: http://www.flightcom.net/pdf/DVRManual.pdf
The device uses ships power, battery is a back up. It is voice activated and anyone wearing a headset (or near a headset mike)is recorded via intercom when they speak. So "the last 5 minutes" could really represent an hour or so of conversation and radio transmissions. Not very sophisticated though, you are right.

What is important is that the killers knew about it from tapping Kennedy's phone as Sherm knows very well, and so does former NTSB chairman Jim Hall.

So the fact that the battery was not present inside the recovered recorder is extremely significant, as they had access to the plane and tampered with the empenage, adding a crude but effective "homing device". Remember, they were trying to make it look like an accident. Without the battery the "last five minutes" could not be preserved.


As horrible as I feel for you I don't think John would like you lying about it. You know perfectly well the same mossad hit team that did this also did the EgyptAir 990 a couple of months later. You also know John had some extremely damaging info on mossad he was going to pursue in his magazine as well as pursuing high political office where he could expose them, and others.

Several of John's friends and other completely innocent people have had their lives ruined over this so please stop lying, OK? During your "silence" thousands of people have died in similar acts by the perps. Have you considered that?

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sawebzone said...

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sawebzone said...

This is amazing, Liz! It's perfectly accurate as well as being really well written. The one thing I would say is that including the owl names would be good. I'll list them here from top to bottom and left to right for those who are interested: 'Liddle flame' #57, 'Starstruck' #81, 'Potty Patrick' #52, 'No nonsense' #28, 'Flat Freddie' #82. Also, I'm at Abbotsford Convent Makers' Market on the 3rd Sunday every month. Other market dates are kept up to date on my website.
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