Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Death of John F. Kennedy: Was It a Communist Plot?

Mrs. Dorothy Gravitis was a Latvian who was teaching Ruth Paine Russian. Mrs. Gravitis distanced herself rom Marina Oswald after Marina said that Lee was in the process of becoming a member of the Communist party. She used a Russian term that meant he was in a phase in which he had to do somethingto prove himself. There is no way of knowing if Marina was just bragging, of Lee was gaming the Soviets, or if it was an accurate statement.

We know that Colonel Philip J. Corso of Army Intelligence was busily spreading the word that Oswald was tied to a communist ring within the C.I.A.. Corso had been involved in a number of black operations and was active in Operation Paperclip, bringing Nazi scientists to the US. Was Corso spreading this rumor on behalf of Army Intelligence or on behalf of the ultra-right Shickschinny Knights of Malta. He as a active member oif this group which was dominated by White Russians. Of course, White Russians pop up time and again in this asdsassination story. These people were tied to the partty of the intelligence community that was to the right of the C.I.A.. They had a more favorable view of the F.B.I. than the C.I.A., which was tied to big oil and its dreams of global power. Their allies were dissident generals who disliked civilian control and independent oil men like H.L. Hunt. Like their hero J.Edgar Hoover, they represented an Americanized form of fascism.

Mahai Pacepa, head of the Rumanian intelligence service, defected to the United States in 1978 and wrote that Oswald was working for the Cubans. His account also suggests tht the communists had something to do with Ruby’s death, three years after the death of Oswald.

There is thin evidence that Luis Angel Castillo could have been a shooter. He was arrested in 1967 in a failed plot to kill the President of the Philippines and told authorities that he had been involved in an assassination in the United States four years before. He told Philippine authorities that he was one of 14 sent to the US by Castro to kill Kennedy. He sometimes went into some sort of hypnotic trance and rambled a great deal. His employer was a John Dolf, who hypnotized him and put him on the second floor of a building with a rifle. But Kennedy wa shot by someone else in the operation. A cable from the US embassy in Manila indicates the State Department considered him unbalanced. Later, he said he worked for the C.I.A. in the Bay of Pigs invasion. . It is not known if he was sent to the US for questioning. He returned to Chicago in 11968 and seems to have disappeared. As a youngster, he did time in a New Jersey reformatory for burgulary. In 1996, Robert Stephen Lipka, a captured Soviet spy who had worked at NSA, said that he saw a document at the NSA identifying one of Kennedy’s assassins and said it was Castillo.

One of the most prominent Russian defector, Yuri Nosenko, insisted that Oswald was a double agent, working for the Soviets. Richard Helms told Congress this was a good possibility.

We have known for some time, that Kennedy had opened back channel negotiations with General Fabian Escalante, head of Cuba’s G-2 intelligence service to normalize relations with Cuba. Then, as now, he was close to Fidel Castro. At the 1995 Nassau conference, the Cuban delegation believed that the US military had a role in Kennedy’s death because they objected to normalization of relations.

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