Tuesday, December 14, 2010

An Attempt on the life of Jimmy Carter?

Oddly, President Jimmy Carter said while still in office:” We are going to have to go all the way back to the assassination of president Kennedy to get
this country right."

When Jimmy Carter was about to visit Los Angeles in 1979 for a Cinco de Mayo event , police arrested two Hispanics on May 5 near where the president was to appear. They test fired a starter [pistol. They had an additional 70 rounds. It was reported that they were to create a diversion while two professionals dealt with Carter. One of the Hispanics was named Osvaldo Ortiz, 27, and the other was Raymond Lee Harvey, a 35 year Anglo. The Secret Service said he was obviously a derelect.

All information on the incident disappeared. President Carter had requested TV time to outline broad changes in government. . When he heard of the incident, he cancelled the broadcast and retreated to Camp David. He told his advisors, “I have lost control of the government.” Among those he brought to Camp David for advice was Reverend Billy Graham.

Stryker Mcguire of the LA Times broke the story of the two vagrants, but it only ran once, buried in the back pages. He later moved to a job in London. A ffew other papers carried small stories, and Newsweek had a longer piece.

John Simkin believes John J. McCloy and David Rockefelleer may have been behind the attempt on Carter. Of course, both were leaders of Chase Manhattan Bank, which had loaned Iran $500,000,000 nad handled Iranian money. Carter resisted their efforts to get the shah in the United States, thnough Carter did give in when he learned the shah had cancer.

In 2007, Walter W. Blanck, then a prisoner in Wisconsin, unsuccessfully sought representation so he could sue the F.B.I. and two agents. He claimed the two agents gave him mind altering drugs in 1975. He was also working for AFT at the time. Blanck wanted $60,000,000 for psychological damages. He wanted FOI claims filed against all defendants, but the judge ruled the request frivolous.

In 1976, he was subjected to “indoctrination” and had to give one of the agents handwriting and rifle shhoting samples. He claims to have briefly met George H.W. Bush, then director of the C.I.A.

He was given Carter’s 1976 itinerary and told to assassinate him, but Blanck refused. In 1990 he began serving 4 years of a 73 year sentence for kidnapping in Illinois. That was reverse, and he was taken to Wisconsin where he is serving a 67 yerar sentence for kidnapping and false imprisonment.

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