Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Propaganda Due and the Vatican

More on P-2

P-2 is a fiercely anti-communist organization with neo-fascist tendencies. Its members are given to secret rituals and they consider themselves a parallel intelligence service. It is said that the ceremonies are guarded by men carrying axes. For some reason, these people seem addicted to numerous arcane rituals. Odd stuff!
The lodge has over 1000 members, each of whom has sworn an oath of loyalty to Grand Master Licio Gelli. Gelli fought on the side of the fascists in the Spanish Civil War, was liaison to Hermann Goering’s SS Division, and may have worked in counter-intelligence for the UD Fifth Army near the end of the war. He was a personal friend of General Juan Peron. Almost 120 Catholic prelates turned up on a list of members. The involvement of churchmen is a bit odd but consistent with human nature. P-2 springs from a Masonic strain that was particularly anti-clerical and hostile to Roman Catholicism. Perhaps some or all the ecclesiastical members secretly shared these views. Perhaps their ambition and anti-communism were decisive factors in joining.

Leo Zagami, a repentant former leader of P-2, has said, “P2 is the Vatican and the Vatican is the real mind of GLADIO and I'm probably a dead man as my wife is saying in the last few days but I don't care and will go on.” He claims his family had long been tied to the Illuminati and that he is related to Queen Elizabeth II. In 2005, he married an Islamic woman, and he converted to Islam in 2006, taking an Islamic name and suggesting he was tied to the Sufis. His family subsequently broke up, and he left Islam. He is sometimes located in Norway and talks about exposing the secrets of P-2. He claims that P-2 engaged in black magic and Satanic rituals.
Prominent politicians and industrialists turned up on the list, including Silvio Berlusconi, who is both a politi C.I.A.n and industrialist. It is said that P-2 played an important role moving C.I.A. and Vatican money into Eastern Europe to combat Communism. The P-2 Lodge has close ties to the Israeli Mossad, and the Jewish community has close ties to the Lodge. Gelli’s protégé Michael Sindona handled Vatican finances under Pope Paul VI and later convicted of fraud in the United States and Italy.

John Paul I, Paul’s successor, asked Cardinal Jean Villot, papal Secretary of State, to investigate the Vatican Bank in early September. The “Smiling Pope” also ordered a thorough reorganization of the curia, which Villot opposed. Papa Lu’s orders were not carried . Items, including his will, slippers, and glasses , were removed from his rooms. There was no autopsy, and the body was immediately embalmed. On February 2, 1980, the Vatican withdrew its permission for Cardinals Guiseppe Caprio and Sergio Guerri and Bishop Paul Marcinkus to testify via videotape in the US fraud trial of Sidona.

The late Sherman Skolnick, who has proven to be correct far more often than wrong, thinks John Paul I was murdered because he did not want Marcinkus and the Vatican Bank dealing with the Mafia and the American C.I.A.. He thinks the murder was arranged by Roger D’ Onofrio, the C.I.A. paymaster in Rome.

Both Sindona and his friend Calvi laundered drug money for the Mafia. Gelli was imprisoned in 1998 for corruption and fraud. It is likely that his son Raffelo will lead P-2. According to C.I.A. agent Dick Brennke, quoted in the Times of London, Propaganda Due now uses the name P-7, and was not wound up after the imprisonment of the senior Gelli. n to be a member of Propaganda Due. His arrest might suggest the organization’s power has finally diminished.

Propaganda Due has clearly acted as a front for the Italian Mafia and has done the work of the C.I.A. in Italy and elsewhere. It active in Uruguay, Argentina’s “Dirty War, and Brazil. In each case it was doing the C.I.A.’s dirty work. In Bolivia, it helped the C.I.A. finance the so-called “Cocaine Coup.”
P-2’s self-identification as an intelligence organization is accurate, as they have functioned as part of NATO and the C.I.A.’s Operation Gladio.

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