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Dan Mitrone and Jim Jones: Part Two

Jones took social security checks and other things from his people, and some of his opponents turned up dead. Then he claimed a political conversion and said he had become a and he became an outspoken opponent of US imperialism. In 1977 he moved his flock from the San Francisco Bay area to Guyana, with the help of the US embassy. The Jonestown project was a C.I.A. experiment in mind control that was designed and operated by Dr. Lawrence Lands Layton. The code name for Reverend Jones was “Raven.”

Congressman Leo Ryan started looking into complaints about human rights abuses there. There is evidence that Jones supplied mercenaries for the UNITAS forces in Angola. Unable to learn much from the embassy, Ryan went to Jonestown in 1978. Ryan and four reporters were killed at the Port Kaituma airport. A Jonestown defector was killed and US Ambassador John Burke was wounded. Eye witnesses said the assassins walked mechanically, like zombies and were glassy eyed.A mass extermination followed. 408 victims drank cyanide cocktails, the rest died in different ways. Of the dead, 287 were children. 210 of the dead were never identified because U.S. Military personnel removed all identification and papers from the corpses.

Guyanese pathologist Dr. C. Leslie Mootoo found that most of the remainder had been injected behind their left shoulder blade. Still others were shot or strangled. By most accounts, over 1200 people were there. There were 913 dead, and 167 returned to the US as survivors. There was also a well-armed, well-fed all white group of guards who were unaccounted for. A Congressional aid told the Associated Press there were about 120 brainwashed white assassins who got away from Jonestown and were ready to kill again.

Michael Prokes, an admitted F.B.I. informant and Jones aid, said the F.B.I. and C.I.A. were withholding a videotape of the massacre. After he made these comments at a press conference he went to the rest room and allegedly committed suicide. Charles Beikman, an adopted son of Jones and former Green Beret, was later arrested for killing a few members of the cult in Georgetown. The body of Jones was never positively identified, but it is believed he dispatched himself with his .357 Python. Before dying, he was heard shouting “Get Dwyer out of here.”Later Richard Dwyer , was deputy chief of the embassy and Jones’ friend, was found at the airstrip. Because he had trained for the State Department’s security service, many thought he was C.I.A. station chief. Actually, the station chief was James Adkins.

Some Black Panther and Weathermen files were found in Jonestown. Perhaps these people were to be of use in strikes against these groups. Jones had hired Mark Lane, who wrote on the JFK assassination, as his lawyer, and Lane was at the airstrip to see Ryan killed. Lane had been writing about how the C.I.A. was trying to infiltrate the community. For whatever reason, Jones also plotted to kidnap Grace Walden Stephens and bring her to Jonestown. She was a witness to the M. L King assassination. She had seen a man running from the murder scene with a rifle and had refused to say it was James Earl Ray. Her testimony was not used at the Ray trial.

It is known that a wide variety of drugs, including truth serums, were pumped into the Jonestown population. Nearby was Hilltown, a similar experiment run by Rabbi David Hill. Still another was Johnstown. There are other cult locations in the Philippines and Chile. One can only wonder if these places have been used for mind control experiments.

Ryan was not the C.I.A.’s favorite Congressman. He had leaked damaging information to journalist Daniel Schorr and he was investigating C.I.A. mind control experiments and possible domestic operations when he was killed. Ryan was co-author of the Hughes-Ryan Amendment that would have required the C.I.A. to inform Congress of all its covert actions and projects. Ryan was also a source for columnist Jack Anderson, who first revealed C.I.A. involvement in mind control experiments. Anderson also tied the kidnapping of Patty Hearst in 1974 to the agency because Donald “Cinque” De Freeze underwent behavior modification acivities and possibly some sort of programming in California Medical Facility Vacaville, California. One of the psychologists there was on the payroll of a C.I.A. front. Four experts testified that he subjected Hearst to classical programming, beginning with 40 days of solitary confinement. This raises the possibility that Cinque was a controlled controller. In a short time, thos hood and unsuccessful robner because a highly successful psychological programmer. Oddly, the remote viewer program was concentrating on the SLA in 1974, having been instructed to do so by Dr Louis Jolyon West.

In 1983 several families of the Jonestown victims sued Admiral Stansfield Turner, claiming that their loved ones died in a C.I.A. behavior modification experiment. The agency’s involvement with Jones began long before Turner became head of the C.I.A., and it is very unlikely that Turner, a liberal and reformer, had any idea what was going on there. Joe Hosinger, Leo Ryan’s assistant and friend, said he was sure Jonestown was a C.I.A. mind control experiment.

The People’s Temple at Jonestown left behind a huge fortune in property and bank deposits in Latin America. According to the Brazilian paper Manchete ( 1/9/79), Brazilian police believe the cult supported itself through involvement in the Guyana-Bolivia-Brazil drug trade. The San Paulo police believe that Jim Jones began his involvement in the trade when he settled in Brazil in 1969. According to former C.I.A. agent Gunther Russbacher Jonestown was known as “Project Blue.” It was run by the Operations Directorate of the State Department, section 6 in cooperation with the C.I.A.. Jones came under the control of the Agency due to his cocaine and heroin (speed ball) use. He was programmed before any other experiments were carried out, and, according to Russbacher, he was given Level Five programming, which meant killing his subjects upon command. The agency sent in physicians. A “Dr. Danvers,” a C.I.A. asset since Vietnam, became a close friend to Jones. The actual project director was Wessley Baker.

The point of the experiment was to induce mass obedience. The Department of State sent in hallucinogenic drugs which were placed on consecrated hosts and distributed in religious services. Children were not programmed until age 8, and the manual for programming people between 8 and 20 was called “Cornflower,” and weas used in Honduras , Belize, and El Salvador. Much of the programming occurred in small churches in the US and Canada, and the subjects were then shipped to Jonestown.

The programming had not been as successful as hoped and some families wanted to leave Jonestown. Their problem was a chain link fence with guard towers. The guards had “shoot on sight” orders for those escaping. In time Jones even had trouble with his Council, which tried to override his orders. The DOS had provided for this eventuality by shipping in cyanide, most of it made in India. Special Forces teams were sent in to gather up evidence and pack it away.

Investigator Alex Constantine insists some other cults were used as fronts for government-sponsored psychiatric experiments. He includes the Finders ( a group the C.I.A. admitted was connected to it) The Symbianese Liberation Army, the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh Movement, Ordo Templis Orientis, Switzerland's Solar Temple. He includes McMartin Pre-School, in Manhattan, California built by a Hughes Aircraft engineer partly because Hughes was so closely tied to the C.I.A. The McMartin experiments were tied to the Subud sect of Indonesia and The UK. Scientists from a nearby university found sixty feet of underground tunnels, which bore out testimony of the children.

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