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NATO's Stay Behind Armies

After World War II, latter was founded by the US and later operated by the C.I.A. and NATO in 1956 with the specific mission of preventing an increase in the power of the Italian Communist Party. Often former SS officers were involved. Local units assembled considerable arms caches NATO ambassadors were finally briefed on the existence of these “armies” on November 7, 1990. US Field Manual FM 30-31B briefs military intelligence people on the existence of this network and makes it clear that its existence must be kept secret. Parts of the document have been surfacing since 1973, but the Pentagon and C.I.A. consistently disavow it.
The networks came under the supervision of SAEF, the military arm of NATO and was run by its Clandestine Coordinating Committee.

Very frequently, the Stay Behind networks are considered the same as the Gladio operation. In reality, Gladio is the name for the Stay Behind operation in Italy. The program was created by Allan Dulles after World War II. He feared that the Russians would invade Western Europe, so he began organizing an underground network of anti-communist fighters, many of whom had been avid Nazis or Italian Fascists. This network was used to combat Communism in Greece and Turkey in 1947. In Greece, the network was called Sheepskin, and in Turkey it was Red Sheepskin. In Austria it is Schwert, and in France the name is Glaive. There the Stay Behind network, consisting of about 500 secret soldiers, was tasked with Plan Blue, preventing France from becoming red. Elements of the network worked with the Secret Army Organization against President De Gaulle in 1962, and one member was executed. A key figure in the French operation was Jean Vilot, founder of the Pinay Circle, a group of right-wing anti-communist intellectuals. He was also front-man for some of Otto Von Hapsburg’s operations. Vilot is also a mamber of the Circle of Nations, a group of aristocrats who are mostly monarchists. He is also a member of Opus Dei. According to a Belgian magistrate’s report, Vilot works for French and Vatican intelligence agencies and has close ties to the secretive Italian organization, P-2. Many of the members of the stay-behind organization in Belgium have been accused of child sexual abuse. Vilot has a hand in running the Belgian group, but there is no proof he was involved in child sex abuse.

The name of the left-behind group in in Switzerland is P26, and in Sweden it is Sveaborg. Historian Daniele Ganser states categorically that Prime Olf Palme was murdered by a Stay Behind operation. We know that P 26 ( Swiss Gladiators) people were having regular training exercises in Britain as late as the 1980s. A 1990 investigation revealed that Italian members of the network in the 1970s trained with the 10th Special Forces Group in Bad Toelz. The Portuguese network in filled with veterans of the fighting in Africa. All these branches have symbols featuring the NATO sword. Here is the Italian symbol.

The Gladio symbol

In the 1970s, “ Stay Behind “ people in Great Britain, embedded in the military and intelligence communities, produced in Operation Clockwork Orange false evidence showing that some people in the British Labour Government of Harold Wilson were dupes of the Communist. This led to Wilson’s resignation. In 1977, the Spanish network slaughtered people in the office of a Communist lawyer in order to slow the transition to emocracy .
The unit in Turkey staged a coup and ousted a Prime Minister in 1960. In 1965, the C.I.A. and Greek unit forced George Papandreou from office by Royal edict. There was another coup in 1971 that was followed by widespread violence against dissidents. It carried out another coup in 1980. The Belgian network sometimes engaged in sprees of violence. On one occasion, the Italian Gladio staged a silent coup that forced the s to leave a coalition government.
Former Italian President Former Italian President Francesco Cossiga said the strongest leg of the Stay Behind operation was in the Federal Republic of Germany. We have very little solid information on Left Behind operations in Germany. Some of the weapons stashes were found in forests. The problem is that West Germany intelligence was built on the Gehlen organization, which is dominated by the C.I.A. and filled with old Nazi operatives. Former Intelligence Minister attributed many of the murders carried out by the Badren Meinhof Gang to the Stay Behind operation. At the least, they were heavily infiltrated. All but one of those sent to prison committed suicide simultaneously. The remaining terrorist, Horst Mahler, became a right-winger when released.
James Jesus Angleton, who became the C.I.A.’s counter-intelligence chief used family and business connections to establish Gladio. The key to the success of Gladio in Italy was OPERATION DEMAGNETIZE, which began in 1951 and resulted in placing the Italian secret police more or less under the control of Glaudio people.
In 1969, it was decided the Italian Gladio should be used to carrying out bombings and acts of violence and attribute them to the Italian Communists. This was called “the strategy of tension.” The idea was to force the authorities to clamp down on left-wing organizations. The first major terrorist event was the bombing of Piazza Fontana in Milan that year.

The usual pattern was that Propaganda Due carried out the terrorist acts by using the police and secret police. There were many other sad events, including the bombing of the Italicus express in 1974 and the bombing of the Naples-Milan express in 1984. Seven-time premier Giulio Andreatti was suspected by some of being involved in these and other crimes. In 1974, White House Chief of Staff Alexander Haig had a secret meeting with P-2 head Lucio Gelli. Haig approved P-2’s plan to use bombings and violence to discredit the Communists by attributing those actions to the left. Aldo Moro, then Foreign Minister , had other plans and told Henry Kissinger in 1970 that the time had come to reach an accommodation with the Communists. Four years later. Moro, now Prime Minister offering his “opening to the left,” was kidnapped and murdered by the Red Brigade. P-2 was behind this. Maro’s widow said Kissinger warned him that if he moved to reach an accommodation with the Communists, some people on the fringes of Italian politics might harm him. She added that Moro was terrified.

This Lodge financed its operations with money Robert Calvi was stealing from the bank in operated in Milan, the Banco Ambrosiano. It was the largest private bank in Italy and was connected to the Church. Calvi moved money out of it to his accounts in the Vatican Bank ( Instituto per de Religione, IOR), and looted the IOR through dealings he had with it. In addition he was laundering the mafia’s drug money and skimming those funds to keep Banco Ambrosiano appearing solvent. In all, he removed $1.3 billion. Finally, he found it necessary to go to London to negotiate the sale of part of the bank to Opus Dei, a secretive, conservative Catholic organization. He was found hanged below Blackfriar’s Bridge. Years later, Francesco Mannoia, a mafia defector, revealed that Calvi had been strangled by Francesco Di Carlo, who managed the mafia’s drug operations in London.

As an important part of Gladio, P-2 had dealings with the Grey Wolves. Though banned by parliament, they have infiltrated the military, industry, the Judiciary, politics, and probably the church. They have been tied to the arms and drug trades and to assassinations and violence. Former members have disclosed its money laundering operations and ties to the Mafia.
There sere several parliamentary investigations of the European secret armies in the 1990s, and it is believed that they no longer exist. These days, people use the term “Salvador Option” to describe the use of people in other countries to quietly remove leftists and other considered threats to western interests. Seymour Hersh wrote about this in 2005, and he has shown that the US was then using a secret army in Iran. es were all about. We know that they were the creation of Allen Dulles, and it is possible that Winston Churchill first came up with the idea.

The La Belle Discotheque in West Berlin was bombed on April 5, 1986. As far we know ths Shield people in Germany were not involved. Rather it was a Muslim terror cell led by Abu Jabar, who, it turns out, had C.I.A. ties. His right-hand man was a Mossad agent, and a third figure, Musbah Eter, had C.I.A. connections.

Jabar was Libian and using a communications system called Trojan that had been set up for him by the Mossad. The Mossad used Trojan to broadcast messages to Libian embassies around the world relaying terrorist instructions, and the Americans intercepted them. These messages were used by Ronald Reagan to bomb Khadaffii’s home, and this ended efforts to obtain the release of some hostages. The bombing in West Berlin followed thbese events, so wone can only wondeer if the C.I.A. helped the Mossad maneuver the US government into the bombing of Libia.

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